7 Ways to Use a Whiteboard for Productivity

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

When you think of a whiteboard, we know what pops into your head- middle school classrooms, boring conference rooms... the list goes on. Especially in this modernized and digitized society, there is an endless supply of tools to take notes, write down thoughts and encourage productivity. So why do you find yourself still trying to keep up?

Digital isn’t always better, and as a society we are experiencing increasing amounts of technology fatigue. If you’re wondering how you can be more inspired, improve your organizational skills and supercharge your productivity, look no further than a whiteboard! Here’s why.

1. Prioritize Daily Tasks to Improve Organization

Keeping a whiteboard around, especially in eyesight, can help you feel more organized day to day. If you have trouble remembering tasks, create a ritual in which you jot down what you need to accomplish during the day. Crossing out or erasing a task you have completed is oh-so-satisfying, and seeing your list dwindle makes you feel accomplished.

2. Get Creative

Gone are the days of Times New Roman. Writing on a whiteboard allows you to express your ideas in a way that is unique to you. Using color, shapes, drawings and your own handwriting can keep those creative juices flowing and help your brain connect one idea to the next. We know you want that 24 color pack of dry erase markers.

3. A Clean Slate

Have you ever tried to erase pencil on paper? It can be tragic, to say the least. (Raise your hand if you’ve ever erased so hard you ripped a hole in your page.) With a dry erase board, eradicating ideas you aren’t thrilled with or tasks you have completed is simple and rewarding. You can start with a clean slate each day or keep ideas that you love.

4. So Much Room for Activities!

Create columns, lists, sections, charts, calendars, graphs, etc. The list goes on. Sectioning out your whiteboard can maximize its utilization and your brain power. Every task and idea has its place.

5. Better Together

Whiteboards are tried and true classroom superstars for a reason- they excel in promoting collaboration and relaying information. Whether in a home or office setting, working with others from a whiteboard can inspire massive amounts of creativity in group settings. Flowstate, anyone?

6. Million Dollar Idea

It’s like a dream journal, but for when you’re awake! Nothing is worse than forgetting something you JUST had in your head. With a whiteboard, jotting anything down that inspires you is quick and efficient. Never lose that million dollar idea again.

7. The Ultimate Setup

We aren’t trying to say a whiteboard is the ONLY way to organize your life (just that it is the best). It is nearly impossible to not have a computer or laptop this day in age, but a whiteboard compliments it perfectly, along with whatever else you may use in your day to day. It provides a break from screens without crushing your flowstate. Not to mention, it looks super cool integrated into a setup and like you have your sh** together.

Have you tried taking it back to the basics with a whiteboard? Let us know down below your productivity tricks and tips!

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